Defusing Angry Behaviour

Defusing Angry Behaviour

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The one and only rule to avoid antagonising any situation is to have ‘Respect’ for others opinions, ideas, dress sense, personal space, life choice etc.

As an individual you must be aware of the consequences of any action that you and others fulfil.

In an antagonistic situation one person must react and respond to another to communicate. If you respect opinion and give choices and consequence you are then making it clear that you want to work as an equal with the other party to reach an amicable solution to your situation.



Throughout conversations in your daily life your voice may take on many different tones to deal with different situations, dealing with an antagonist is no different.

You may take on the tone of a teacher to explain details of an educational matter that has arisen into the conversation.

You may take on the tone of a doctor to explain details of a medical matter.

You may take on the tone of a lawyer to explain legal repercussions.

You may take on the tone of a police officer to be firm and dominant. 

You may take on the tone of a child to be submissive.

We must be careful in the use of our tones because these may be the very things that set our antagonist off i.e. ‘Don’t you talk to me like I’m a child’ against the teacher tone

Don’t tell me what I should and should not do’ against the lawyer or Police officer tone etc
Humour and friendliness

Humour and friendliness go a long way to nurturing good relationships.

Try to show solidarity between you and your antagonist i.e. together you can conquer anything.

Express intimacy by smiling and using their first name (if known)

Show respect at all times, even if you don’t believe it is warranted.

Before the situation ends you must know where each other stands.

Why should we master the art of calm?

You are no good to anyone least of all yourself when you are stressed, agitated and anxious. When you attend your daily life choices you have literally stepped onto the stage of life where your game face is paramount. If you are feeling out of sorts with yourself, come off stage to get yourself together.

You have to manage the environment in which you live, but only you can manage the way you react to any given situation, so how do you cope? Here are a few remedies to help you master the art of calm:

  • Breathe
  • Smile
  • Laugh
  • Let it out
  • Ÿake a one minute vacation to anywhere in the world
  • Relax
  • Organise
  • Positive speak
  • Exercise

~ by Protect You on April 13, 2016.

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