Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

An Insight into the Criminal Mind

 It is important not to create a feeling of hopelessness or despair for the criminal, they can be like a cornered animal. The criminal should feel that there is a way out.

The criminal’s ability to make sound judgements and to respond rationally is impaired due to a heightened emotional state, their heartbeat and respiration are heightened for immediate action. Given Time this automatic function will disappear and the body reactions will return to normal.

 You can help the calming process by utilising the following:

1) Common sense

2) Good judgement

3) Your ability to speak to people in an unpatronising manner

4) Effective listening and talking

5) Avoiding argumentative unproductive conversation

6) Present a good self-image and healthy ego.


Assessing risk, anticipating threatening circumstances


That Dismissive Feeling

68% of attackers are known to their victims.

Why then did these victims not take preventative measures if they knew their attackers?

Research has shown that the victims knew and understood the incongruent gestures of body language displayed by their attacker and sensed something was wrong but dismissed the feelings as;

1) Insecurity

2) Lack of self-confidence

3) Reading too much into the situation

4) Paranoia

5) Unsure of what to do

6) Did not want to appear rude

7) Thought it might aggravate the situation and create bad

    feelings for the future.

Everyone knows when they feel uncomfortable with a situation, for example:

1) Your legs feel wobbly

2) Your heart starts pumping faster

3) Your hands start shaking

4) You feel like going to the toilet

5) The hairs on the back of your neck stand up        

6) You get goose pimples

7) You may even start to cry

8) You can’t speak

9) You are frozen to the spot.

Unfortunately not everyone takes notice of their bodies fight or flight mechanisms (adrenaline surges ). If we begin to understand our bodily reactions to adverse conditions, we will be able to avoid many potentially dangerous situations such as molestation, rape, manslaughter or murder. 

Criminals are Criminals

Criminals are not concerned about your safety and well being, they will initiate the attack to gain the shock factor because that is the only way they can try and ascertain any amount of control over you.

Criminals are mean, they come in all shapes and sizes but that one word sums them up neatly-Mean.

Like a tornado they leave carnage wherever they go. They swoop on the

unsuspecting public like ravenous vultures, they are the hyenas of the human race (no offence is intended towards vultures and hyenas by making this comparison).

What would you do if you were assessed as easy pickings by a criminal?

Self Improvement-Key Points

Self imagery or visualisation is an excellent tool for developing yourself in any field, but used incorrectly as above, it would be like competing in a Formula one racing car, which has been built with the engine of a Austin Allegro.

To prepare your mind through self imagery and visualisation you must have a key point of reference. Such key points would focus on the task at hand i.e. promotion at work, improved health, improved wealth etc.

For your immediate purposes, the key points refer to all subject matter covered within this book.

While you are reading through this material, the key points are helping you to develop your self-defence/self-protection awareness skills, so they can be called upon at any given moment to help you react naturally, efficiently and effectively to most extreme incidents.


Positive Anticipation is not paranoia


Anticipating potential incidents involves a constant psychological exercise.

Always be aware of your surroundings and the potential problems, then mentally handle them before they occur.

The better you become at anticipating problems the less likely they are to occur. To protect yourself against the possibility of attacks of any type, you must be prepared in every way.

Prevention by anticipation requires an acute knowledge of your proposed plans and routes.

Some criminals (not the opportunist) will plan an attack by watching their potential victim for a period of time. As part of your self defence self protection strategy it is your duty to look at your obvious surroundings while being aware of the conspicuous at all times.

As you have familiarised yourself with your surroundings which by now should take less than 10 seconds, you should also be making a note of escape routes and areas of safety.


Don’t ignore what you see

  Assess                Evaluate                Take action      


~ by Protect You on April 13, 2016.

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