Mugger gets the shock of his life

Just watched some cctv footage of a young man casually stealing a ladies phone from her hands in broad daylight. At first i thought it may have been a staged attacked but on closer inspection it looks pretty real to me as the lady chases after him he turns and walks towards her with his chest peacocked in a vain attempt to shoo her away. The lady is having none of it and swings left and right finger jabs at break neck speed towards his head then throws a whopping great front kick into his groin sending him to his knees then follows up with a left hook and straight jab to his face then grabs his head and pulls it to her well placed knee. The icing on the cake was her crunching spinning back kick that completely won her safety and left the young man writhing on the floor in agony.

Funny how no one came to her aid.
Shows that the shock factor of self defence can and does work

~ by Protect You on August 12, 2013.

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