Womens Self Defence

Sadly 1 in 3 Women are Attacked during the course of their lives.

Your well being is your most prized possession, so learning to avoid situations that put your safety at risk should be your immediate goal. Your best natural weapon comes from the mind, and your best defense is to exercise good crime prevention strategies.

Nobody can really tell you how to defend yourself in every situation. Each person is different as such must evaluate his or her own abilities, and weigh up the situation based on the level of danger to themselves or a loved one.

Showing resilience and willingness to preserve your life


Using any available weapon to save your life.


Scratching and kicking to save a loved one.


All the above show that attackers target those they think are weaker. Attackers do not want to create a scene and most definitely don’t want to get caught.


~ by Protect You on August 3, 2011.

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