Ten Head – An Eye for an Eye

The Complete First Series in one electrifying book The Rise of Salem The Hunted The Sacrificial Wolf Endol Stapler, a prolific drugs trafficker, suffers a bout of conscience and decides to pack it all in, only Mickey Payne wants receipt of his drugs shipment or the return of his cash. Held at knife point by Mickey, Endol is forced to make a choice. However, in the blink of an eye the decision is made for him as one of the most dangerous hardcore gangsters Carl Jeffries aka CJ viciously attacks Mickey and an innocent woman passing by.
Around this time Domino Jacobs is learning the hard way about the pains of being bullied and victimised. Savaged by Salem the wolf, drowned by a local bully, held up at knife point by gang members, how can he stop the terror that darkens his living breath? what had he done to warrant such hatred? As the story unfolds it becomes clear that it is more about who he is rather than what he’s done. The families of Mickey Payne and the savaged woman have named him as a relative of CJ’s, but is Domino the right man? After all what’s in a name?
From the cold blooded murder of those closest to him, Domino becomes embroiled in a firestorm of relentless violence amongst those responsible. But at what cost? For he quickly realises he is becoming the very thing he most despises…being ‘A Named Guy’.
Detective Constable Amble plans to arrest Domino for several crimes within the city but is it the law of the land justice he seeks? or his own street justice where the only outcome is death? He embarks on an elaborate web of deceit to trap his man.
The subsequent kidnapping of Domino’s daughters, forces him to meet the most sinister murderous psyochopath ever, Rolph Payne, with absolutely devastating consequences.
In a race against time can the mutilated woman’s son, a small time drug dealer, DC Amble and the Paynes get closer to capturing and killing their man? Can the strength of one man beat all odds to escape the never ending circle of destruction closing in on him and help him find the peace he yearns? ‘

‘Some of the characters are dangerously sociopathic, but NO One is Above the Law….or are they?’
Sylvan Clarkewww.FongTien.com


~ by Protect You on June 28, 2011.

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