Conflict Management Scaremongering

There is definitely no one answer to dealing with conflict. Within civil society you would expect there to be no need for such practises, but here i am explaining a service that some would label as scaremongering and would not give it the time of day. Those of this opinion are entitled to that opinion as I am with mine.

The care service not so long ago got a right stripping for misconduct, does this stop us from using their services, no not really because we know we need a care service and understand that when we need to use it, we will access and use it to fulfill our needs (but I stress only when needed).

So it is nice to have a system to fall back on when things start to go wrong a bit like the police service in a way, we hear so many horror stories of corrupt practises, but this does not stop us from calling the police when we’ve been burgaled or are victims of nuisance neighbours, no on the contrary we understand that when we need to use this service we will access it to the fullest of our requirements and we are glad that they are there.
So conflict management to me is knowing that you have available to hand, a concept of enhanced self preservation that you can access freely in your time of need. Societies services can only help you so far, some times you have to look inside you and Self Help.

Personal Security & Conflict Management


~ by Protect You on June 28, 2011.

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